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    Cincinnati Hiatus

    After much thought, we are sad to announce that we are putting our Cincinnati shirts on indefinite hiatus. The current design, "Dre Dey," will be our final release.

    We are grateful and thankful to all of Cincinnati customers, artists, promoters, and sponsors we've had the privilege of working with over the past 12 months. Thank you for your support and for the support you've given to all of our beneficiaries. We hope to see you again soon.

    We're Not a T-Shirt Company

    26 Shirts is not a t-shirt company... 26 Shirts is a movement.

    And you’re an important part of the movement. You, specifically, are a part of it. You've helped over 220 different worthy causes, ranging from children with inoperable brain tumors, to grandparents fighting cancer, and all the way to charitable foundations doing what they can to research and fight incurable diseases.

    Through the campaigns associated with these causes, you've helped raise nearly $350,000 to assist them. That's well over a THIRD OF A MILLION DOLLARS! One donation at a time, one shirt at a time, by one awesome person like you at a time.

    We hope you love your shirts! We have gone out of our way to use only the very best materials. We put time and effort into labeling each one and packaging every order up and sending it out to you.

    We trust that you love the feeling you get wearing them even more, though! As we often say on social media, not only will you look good on the outside... you should feel good on the inside because through something as simple as a t-shirt purchase, you're making a difference.

    Now, we ask that you help us spread the movement.

    Tell 1, tell 2 or 3, tell as many people as you can about the movement of 26 Shirts. Tell them how we’re “changing the game.” We’re taking the passion that we have for the sports teams we follow, the cities that we love to call home, and we’re channeling that into helping worthy charities with noble goals, and families who are in their darkest hour.

    This year, for what has now become our annual "March Forward" campaign, we're looking to "Double Up." Our goal is to double our reach through both our mailing list subscribers and our respective social media followers. Ideally, this will translate into doubling what we're able to donate as well!

    To help move this campaign along, we are once again doing a giveaway for a year's worth of shirts. No purchase is necessary! Just head over to 26shirts.com/doubleup and use the form (over and over again) to tell your friends about 26 Shirts. You'll get a chance to win a great prize, but more importantly increase 26 Shirts' potential to DO GOOD.

    Thanks for being a part of the 26 Shirts movement. We love changing the game with you.

    In this together,

    Del, Dan, and the rest of the crew at 26 Shirts

    26 Shirts: Fundraising

    We recently ran our first school/organization fundraising campaign for the whole month of November in Buffalo with 11 schools and organizations. We designed a custom shirt for each school (like the one shown here) and made it available along with 8 of our best selling shirts from over the years. We ran it just like we do our regular 2 week campaigns. $8 from every shirt sold went to the school, with sales being handled through the website. Each organization had its own portal page so that we could track the sales for each. It worked kind of like how a school fundraising campaign selling chocolate or popcorn does.

    So, we want to do it again in March and do it in all 4 of our cities. We’ll have 4-5 designs available (8 was a bit too much to coordinate) plus the unique one for each school. We’ll take orders for all of March and then print and ship out the orders... and then give the money raised to each school.

    We’re looking for anyone that either works at a school they think might be interested, or has a school contact that we can reach out to to provide them with information. So if that’s you, email us at fundraising@26shirts.com and let us know!

    This time around, we’re considering keeping track of sale referrals for each student and giving prizes to those that sell the most... and to the top-performing school.

    This is a great opportunity for your school (or little league team, or church, or whatever) to raise some money -- all while hopefully introducing new folks to 26 Shirts and the give back model we've put together to help people in need. Win/win!


    In case you missed it, 26 Shirts hit the $300,000 milestone earlier today.

    When I think about HOW MUCH $300,000 actually is, and to think that that's what you have managed to donate so far, I'm speechless.

    Well, not too speechless; hence, this quick blog post. :)

    YOU. That's what this is all about: YOU have donated this money.

    This isn't a blog post that I put together to toot Dan Gigante's and my own horn, just because we're the ones who cut a check at the end of a given shirt's run. Far from it!

    This is a post to thank every customer, every contributing artist, every presenting sponsor- heck, every person who has ever shared a Facebook post or retweeted a tweet- for being a part of what has brought us to this point. Every one of YOU.

    So... THANK YOU. Your generosity through your purchases, and whatever other donation you may ever happen to kick in at checkout, is making a difference in people's lives. "Changing the game," as we like to call it.

       YOU have helped worthy, but underfunded, charities provide whatever special service in people's lives that only they can.

       YOU have helped parents take time off of work (often unpaid) so they can spend time with their sick kid who's fighting a life-threatening illness.

       YOU have helped sick adults make payments towards medical bills for treatments that they absolutely have to have, but their insurance doesn't cover.

       YOU have done so much.

    When you wear 26 Shirts gear, I hope you feel proud. YOU should.

    YOU are a part of something that is literally affecting people's lives for the better.

    Thanks for letting us be a part of it. You could order from one of any number of different sites online (or in the real world), and you choose to order from 26 Shirts. Again, thank you.

    It's an honor to play a small role in what YOU are doing.

    The Bat Signal is Lit

    PLEASE NOTE: This call for action is specific to those in the Buffalo area. Also, please be aware that all sizing information provided by our models during the photoshoot process will be shared on our website next to the model's photos.

    We're making some necessary updates over here at 26 Shirts HQ. We want to make sure that EVERY shirt that lands in your hands becomes your favorite shirt the minute you put it on. We've done everything we can to bring you the highest quality shirts that are the most comfortable to wear. The designs are interesting, fun, and unique. And to top it all off, there's always the good feeling you get knowing in the back of your head that you're helping someone in need with every purchase of our limited-edition shirts.

    But we've left something on the table...

    We want you to feel comfortable with the SIZE you choose!

    Now we realize that our business model makes this factor a little more difficult than most other places, because 99.9% of our products are only available online, and in order to find out if you've made the right choice, you have to have already purchased a shirt. But sometimes this means that the first shirt you purchased was the wrong choice for your body type, because you weren't quite sure exactly what you were getting. And that's no good. Because, if you've bought one of our shirts and it doesn't fit you exactly how it should, then you aren't going to wear it.


    That's where all of this leading...we're lighting up the 26 Shirts signal (saving that idea for later...because how awesome would it be if we actually had a 26 Shirts Bat-signal!? I digress...) we're putting up the signal to all of you wonderful, beautiful people who just love to step in front of a camera to lend your best Derek Zoolander impression. We don't just mean the typical "model" type that you might think of. We want an awesome melting-pot of every type of person and the attributes that makes us all unique.Ya see, we offer so many different styles and sizes that we want every person who comes to our website to see someone who resembles their own body type in every type of shirt that we offer, so that they're able to find the size that they think will most closely fit them the way that it should, and then be able to make the most appropriate selection for their purchase. Get it? ...Good!

    Once again, we're looking for every type of person! Just one side-note, we need some very specific information from any potential models:

    • A photo of yourself
    • height
    • weight, and
    • bra size

    We totally understand that not everyone is comfortable giving up this type of information, and that is totally OK! But if you're the type of person that doesn't mind sharing, we NEED YOUR HELP!

    If this sounds like something you might be interested in, please email josh@26shirts.com with the information requested!