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    Del Reid, Founder

    Del, Founder

    After (quite accidentally) co-founding the #BillsMafia movement among Bills fans on social media in 2011, Del felt moved to do something more than just make jokes on his growing social media platform about the cheating Patriots. After trying out a couple different ideas, in 2013 he landed on the idea of selling shirts to help out fellow fans who found themselves in tough situations... and thus, 26 Shirts was born!

    Del's favorite shirt: Unstoppable


    Josh, Creative Director

    Since joining 26 Shirts in 2016, Josh has designed well over 500 different shirts! When he's not creating mind-blowing illustrations, he can usually be found spending time with his beautiful family or defending the goal for his beer league championship hockey team.

    Josh's favorite shirt: Not Worthy


    Andrew, Marketing and Business Director

    Andrew moved to Buffalo in 2014 and for seven years worked in local news as a meteorologist. Not being from Buffalo, he was and still is amazed at how welcomed he felt, and how quickly this became home. He has always wanted to repay that kindness and earn his spot in the City of Good Neighbors, so the chance to give back to the community through work at 26 Shirts was the perfect opportunity. While he is in a marketing role now, you can still ask him about the weather!

    Andrews's favorite shirt: Symbiote


    Stephanie Hacker-Bochorski

    Stephanie, Operations Manager

    Stephanie is an experienced professional in the energy industry with over 10 years of experience. She has recently made a career change and is now a proud member of the 26 Shirts team. Stephanie has found her true passion and is thrilled to be working in her dream job.

    Stephanie's favorite shirt: The City with Three Seasons


    Bob, Inventory Manager

    Bob is a Buffalo native, living here his entire life. He has over 12 years experience in the banking/automotive industry. He recently joined the 26 Shirts, which allows him to do something that he loves; giving back. When he is not working, Bob likes to spend time outdoors fishing, hiking and kayaking with his wife and 3 teenage sons.

    Bob's favorite shirt: CHARGE: Blackberry Lightning


    LeeAnne, Graphic Design Associate

    LeeAnne has always been a big fan of 26 Shirts but officially joined the team in 2023. Being able to work creatively while giving back to the community is a true dream of hers. When she’s not using her artistic abilities she enjoys spending time with her husband and two dogs.

    LeeAnne's favorite shirt: The Buffalonian: Baby Buffaloda