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    At 26 Shirts, we sell different limited edition sports-themed t-shirts every two weeks. After a shirt's respective two week run is over, the design is retired and never sold again. We are currently operating in Buffalo and Chicago.

    For every shirt sold, a donation is made to a specified family in need or charitable organization. Our primary focus is needs associated with health/medical concerns, or unexpected family emergencies.

    Family with needs like...

    A young daughter fighting leukemia.

    Another daughter who has had an eye removed because of a rare pediatric cancer.

    A family whose son was hit by a car, and now they have to commute between Buffalo (where they live/work) and Pittsburgh (where he’s being treated).

    A foundation that works to serve and help people afflicted by an ultimately lethal, yet relatively unknown condition.

    This is a 100% crowd-sourced campaign.

    We need YOU, the artistic fan, to contribute your talent and designs for consideration.

    We need YOU, the creative fan, to contribute ideas and concepts for artists to bring to life.

    We need YOU, the passionate fan, to BUY THE SHIRTS!

    Our goal is to provide customers with the highest quality, softest fabric shirts. So not only will they be designs you love, they'll be on shirts you love wearing.

    If you are interested in participating and have a design (or designs) that you would like to submit, please get in touch with us.

    We pay artists $1 from every shirt sold as compensation for their time and effort but the biggest "get" you as an artist will receive is the warm fuzzy feeling of knowing that that the time spent in Adobe Illustrator (or whatever method) was used to help out someone(s) less fortunate!

    Contact Information

    26 Shirts c/o You and Who, Inc.
    2495 Main St., Suite 347
    Buffalo, NY 14214

    Phone: 716-300-2626


    Twitter: @26shirts / @26shirtsCHI 
    Facebook: 26Shirts / 26ShirtsCHI 
    Instagram: @26shirts / @26shirtsCHI 

    In the News

    We've been lucky enough to be featured in several local news reports since our inception. Got a few minutes? Check out some of them below:

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    July 2020

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    WIVB in Buffalo: 26 Shirts starts t-shirt fundraiser to support young woman hit by Buffalo Police cruiser

    April 2020

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    February 2020

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    December 2019

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    November 2019

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    March 2019
    WIVB in Buffalo: Designs That Do Good: 26 Shirts has raised more than $575,000 for families in need

    December 2018
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    October 2018
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    September 2018
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    May 2018
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    April 2018
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    March 2018
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    September 2016
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    January 2016
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