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    The Need

    The Kruszynski family endured tragedy on the evening of January 24th 2024 when beloved husband, father, son and great friend of many Steve Kruszynski succumbed to his injuries in a tragic car accident while leaving work.

    As a result of his passing, Steve has left behind his wife and three young boys to continue on without their husband and father.

    Steve was an avid Bills and Sabres fan, and an overall supporter and advocate of his proud hometown of Buffalo NY. Over the years, Steve has supported and wore many editions of 26 Shirts, and has helped others with starting campaigns when in need.

    Please consider supporting Steve’s family and wear his shirt proudly around the city and community he loved so much.

    The Sponsor

    Crosby’s stores operate more than 85 locations throughout New York and Pennsylvania…Your hometown choice for fresh signature pizzas, subs, breakfast, convenience shopping, and fuel.