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    The Need

    Briana Hansen DeWitt was born with Cystic Fibrosis (CF); a devastating and life threatening disease. Briana’s frequent and persistent lung infections caused severe lung scarring and has left her muti-drug resistant. Due to a rare gene mutation, Briana is one of the unlucky 10% who cannot take the groundbreaking drug Trikafta, leaving a double lung transplant as her only chance for survival. Briana’s motto is – While I Breathe, I Hope.

    Briana was recently added to the double lung transplant list at The New York Presbyterian Columbia University Hospital. Briana and her caregivers  have temporarily moved to NYC awaiting her transplant. She will be unable to return to work as a Physician Assistant at The Guthrie Clinic in Cortland, NY for 1+ year after the transplant. Housing in NYC, medical and travel expenses plus time-off work create a significant hardship.

    Briana and her family are avid supporters of CF in WNY and her team of supporters, Briana’s Buddies, have raised tens of thousands of dollars for CF research during their annual CF Walk. Briana is a WNY native (Lockport, NY), graduating from Buffalo Academy of Sacred Heart High School and Le Moyne College. 

    Funds raised through this campaign will help support Briana with her mounting medical expenses. 

    The Sponsor

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