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    The Need

    On April 24th, 3 year old Guinevere Millea was diagnosed with High Risk B-Cell ALL leukemia. Since then she has had countless chemo treatments, at home and at the hospital. She has had handfuls of lumbar punctures that she is put under anesthesia for, bone marrow draws, blood & platelet transfusions and a port implant surgery. Guinevere has even had multiple hospital stays. Currently she is going through almost weekly clinic visits for treatments and blood work. 

    On top of the extensive medical bills all these treatments, medications, tests and procedures rack up there are also other costs as well. Whenever the family is at the clinic or in the hospital they are responsible for their food, eating take out or from the cafeteria 3x a day can be overwhelming in costs on its own.

    At this point in time it is another 2 years worth of treatments to help Guinevere beat her battle with cancer. Funds raised through this campaign will help support Guinevere and her family through this time.

    The Sponsor

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