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    The Need

    Jim was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in January 2021. At that time he had a fairly large tumor in his right lung and it had already spread to his right adrenal gland. After starting chemotherapy, it was discovered that the cancer had spread to his brain. All of his treatments are being done at Roswell Park. They were able to eradicate the tumor in his brain using Gamma Knife Surgery. He must now have a brain MRI every 3 months.

    When he was first diagnosed he was given approximately 1 year to live, but 2 ½ years later he is still here and fighting the cancer as best as he can. He has had cancer in his lung, adrenal gland, brain, right femur and pelvis and has gone thru multiple treatments of Chemo, Immunotherapy, Radiation, Clinical Trial treatments as well as multiple hospitalizations. The side effects of all of these treatments have been pretty severe at times.

    Jim has been unable to travel and work on a full time basis which makes it difficult to meet all of his medical and personal bills. Jim has said that 2 positive things that have come from his cancer is that his faith has increased 100% and he also realizes how important his family and friends are with all of the support he has received thus far. He will continue to fight as hard as he can. Jim is really looking forward to the start of the NFL season as he is a huge Bills Fan and wants to watch The Bills go all the way this year!!

    Please consider a shirt purchase or a donation to his online fundraiser to help.

    The Sponsor

     West-Herr Auto, sponsor

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