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    The Need

    Jesse Ehrlich was diagnosed with aggressive osteosarcoma in January of 2023. He and his family-Tamara and Dan and their older son, Randy (17) live in Los Angeles and are some of the biggest Buffalo Bills fans there. Since his diagnosis Jesse has been through so much. His condition is complicated by the fact that he has lived with juvenile diabetes since a very young age.

    About 4 months after aggressive chemo/radiation he had an extremely complicated surgery to replace some of his failing limbs with prosthetics. Although the surgery went well, two months later he suffered a setback when the prosthetic became infected. The revision surgery was extremely painful and has resulted in a condition called complex regional pain syndrome. They cannot continue to treat the cancer without first addressing this issue, which requires him to be on massive amounts of painkillers and delay chemotherapy. 

    His family faces each adversity with ever increasing dedication. Jesse has been in the hospital more than he has been home in the past 6 months-he even had to celebrate his 13th birthday there. It has been difficult for them to face many of the financial challenges of this journey.

    Please consider a shirt purchase or a donation to their online fundraiser to help.

    The Artist

    Ken Newton, born and raised in Buffalo, NY is an artist with a pedigree for sports art, murals, cartoon art and nature paintings.  

    Ken's sports work has included working directly with players like Andre Reed, Fred Jackson, Jim Kelly Butch Rolle and Harrison Phillips.  In 2020, the Bills were in need of having about 12 pairs of cleats and sneakers for the My Cause My Cleats program.  Ken completed all of them in less than a week as time was an issue.  Mafia members have commissioned Ken for paintings and purchased prints of many of the paintings Ken has done over the years.  

    Outside of sports, Ken is represented by an agency called The Artist LLC, in, Las Vegas, NV.  They handle Gallery representation for Ken at Galleries on the West Coast, Hawaii and Florida for his Floral and Crazy Tree painting collections.  

    Ken lives in Buffalo with his wife Joyce, their 5 children, 4 grandchildren and one more on the way.  

    The Sponsor


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