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    The Need

    Sue McGee was diagnosed with stage 3 rectal cancer in 2018 when she got her very first colonoscopy done. She underwent biopsies, surgeries, chemotherapy and radiation. In 2019, she had major surgery to remove the cancer and was given a colostomy bag. While in the hospital she had a bowel obstruction and had to have emergency surgery. 

    Five months later doctors discovered that the cancer had spread to her lung. She had surgery done to remove it and they were able to get it all. She was in remission for 18 months. 

    In April of 2021, Sue was told that the cancer had came back and it was stage 4 all throughout her abdominal cavity. She started chemotherapy right away and is still on it today. The medical bills just keep coming.

    She also has Trigeminal Neuralgia and Chronic Pain Syndrome, but she doesn’t let it stop her! Sue has 3 beautiful grandchildren that she loves spending time with every chance she can. They bring her great joy and keep her going! She also loves music. She plays the keyboards with the worship team at her church and has been playing on the team for over 25 years.  

    She urges everyone to please get a colonoscopy done! It could save your life! 

    The Artist

    Carl Cordes is an artist from East Aurora, NY, currently residing in Amherst with his beautiful wife Kara. In addition to artwork, Carl teaches business courses for West Seneca Schools and runs a vintage sports & memorabilia business.

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    The Sponsor

    West-Herr Auto, sponsor

    Valu Home Centers has been proudly serving the do-it-yourselfer since 1968. With 41 stores and nearly 900 employees in Western and Central New York, and Northwestern Pennsylvania, Valu provides its customers with the perfect alternative to the large, warehouse home improvement stores.