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    The Need

    Desmond was diagnosed with high risk t-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia in January of 2019 at 5 years old. He rang the bell at Roswell on April 13, 2021 and has enjoyed the blessings of being cancer free for two and a half years. He was finally able to enjoy his childhood. 

    On November 17, 2023 Desmond's family learned that his cancer had returned. The last few months they have been preparing for him to have a bone marrow transplant scheduled for the beginning of this month. To prepare, Desmond has already begun intense cycles of chemotherapy. A few days before his transplant he will also undergo multiple rounds of whole body radiation.

    Desmond is a gigantic lego fan, a Titanic aficionado, loves Spiderman, animals (especially his puppy Louie and his 3 cats) and he LOVES the Buffalo sports teams. He is rooting on the Bills, especially his pal Dawson Knox! His family knows the road before him is going to be a long one - but Desmond is the strongest little boy. Funds raised through sales of this design will help support Desmond!