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    The Need

    Scott was diagnosed with colon/rectal cancer in the summer of 2022. He went through radiation and chemotherapy until surgery was performed in January 2023.  The hope was that treatment and surgery would destroy any cancer left, but follow-up scans revealed that the cancer had spread to his lungs and chest cavity.  Because of the location in his center chest cavity there is no possibility of eliminating it and the cancer is not curable.  Doctors determined that the type of cancer he has is very aggressive due to what is called the KRAS gene. 

    Doctors hoped that Scott had a G12C mutation that could possibly increase his chances of improvement. Unfortunately, genetic testing revealed that he does not have the G12C mutation and new treatment options are limited.  Scott will be starting more radiation soon to hopefully provide some relief and will continue with ongoing chemotherapy.

    Always hopeful and optimistic, Scott relies on faith, family, and the Buffalo Bills to keep going.  Unable to work, funds raised from this campaign will give him an emotional lift and help him and his family with medical bills that never seem to end. If you'd like to further support Scott, please consider a donation to his online fundraiser.