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    The Need

    Glenn Newbury was recently diagnosed with stage four Glioblastoma, which is a fast-growing malignant brain tumor. He underwent brain surgery to remove the mass and is currently receiving radiation as well as chemotherapy treatments.

    Glenn is recovering from surgery and is on disability from his job that requires him to edit and/or write letters. While he has health insurance from his employer, it unfortunately does not cover the chemotherapy medication, Temozolomide. His current co-pay for just 14 pills is over $1,900, in addition to the surgical, radiation, and other medical bills that are piling up.

    Funds raised through this campaign will help support Glenn with his medical bills so he can concentrate on beating Cancer!

    The Artist

    Joanna is an illustrator and beer league hockey benchwarmer, trapeze artist, and high gravity rock climber. A recent Buffalo transplant by way of Toledo and Rochester, she's a former game designer and adjunct professor at RIT who looks forward to whipping up exciting combinations of sports and art for freelance or full time. You can find her work at joanna-eberts.com.
    Email: joanna@joanna-eberts.com
    Instagram: joanna_eberts