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    The Need

    Arlen Jenkins is a brave, funny and beautiful 6-year-old girl who loves gymnastics, cheerleading, doing her makeup and spending time with friends and family. Arlen is also one of the strongest little girls you will ever meet, having battled various health issues her entire life stemming from a rare, recently discovered genetic disease that affects how her immune system functions.

    In February of 2023, as the various medications, infusions and treatments Arlen has endured are losing their effectiveness, her team of doctors determined the best course of action is for Arlen to have a bone marrow transplant. After two weeks of intensive chemotherapy followed by a year of continued medication and isolation, the transplant will replace Arlen’s immune system and hopefully cure her genetic disease. 

    The Jenkins family is grateful and fortunate to have been connected with the team of doctors who discovered Arlen’s genetic disease, however they are based out of Columbia University in New York City, so Arlen will have to travel and remain in NYC for at least 2 – 3 months (barring any complications) for her transplant. Arlen’s mom will care for Arlen in NYC, while her dad will continue work in Buffalo with her two siblings. Money raised will forever be deeply appreciated, and be used for medical bills, travel costs, childcare and any additional financial expenses related to Arlen’s care. Please consider a shirt purchase or a donation to their online fundraiser to help.

    The Sponsor

    The Motorama Group is a family owned event and marketing business in WNY specializing in automotive and community events including festivals, concerts and fundraisers. Our events include the Buffalo Motorama, Cruise into Kenmore (August 20), Throttle at the Powerhouse and the Olcott Beach Car Show (September 2nd).  We believe in running family friendly events while giving back to our community by volunteering, donating or financially supporting local charities.