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    The Need

    In July 2023, Tim suffered a major stroke with a massive brain bleed and underwent a craniectomy. He had an eleven week stay in the hospital and rehab. The stroke affected his left side and left peripheral vision in both eyes. Tim continues to make progress with outpatient OT and PT every week, and can walk with his walker.

    During his stay it was discovered that his pancreas was loaded with IPMN tissue. This is precancerous, but will require him to have his pancreas removed to prevent the start of cancer.

    Tim has been unable to work as a sales consultant at West Herr since his stroke and misses his work family and his loyal customers. Funds raised through this campaign will help with bills and therapy expenses that have been compiling over the past 7 months. Tim has a long journey ahead of him and is extremely grateful for everyone's love, support, generosity and prayers.