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    The Need

    Laurie Popielarski was first diagnosed with Stage 4 Lymphoma in April 2011. She underwent chemo for 6 months while continuing to work, finishing up in October 2011, and with news of the treatment's success she went about her life, thinking she had slayed the dragon. But that was not the case. In October of 2013 Laurie was diagnosed with bladder cancer -not a recurrence of her first bout, but a distinct new cancer. This cancer can be surgically removed, but is 70% likely to return. And it did - three more times. Four separate procedures were performed to remove the cancer, each followed by both chemo and immunotherapy. Unfortunately, the bladder cancer continued to come back so rapidly that additional testing was ordered which revealed colon cancer in October 2015 - yet another "new" cancer. In December Laurie had a colon resection and a radical hysterectomy due to the increased risk of uterine or ovarian cancer. Pathology testing was done which showed the lymph nodes were now involved, and a rigorous chemo plan (12 treatments over 23 weeks) began in January 2016. Her major surgeries, chemo treatments, and experimental treatments not covered by insurance have left her overwhelmed with medical bills. Please consider a shirt purchase to help us help Laurie.