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    The Need

    Ashley Winder, 37, suffered a traumatic brain injury (Oct. 2018) and decided to move back to Western New York to be closer to family (and the Bills!) in April 2020. She began IVF treatment, and after several unsuccessful treatments, she became pregnant in November 2022.

    Unfortunately this excitement was cut short, and in January 2023, was diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis; an inflammation of both sides of one section of the spinal cord (and a 1-8/1,000,000 chance of getting), leaving her in a wheelchair unable to walk. This neurological disorder interrupts the messages that the spinal cord nerves send throughout the body. During her time in the hospital, she also underwent emergency surgery to remove a bowel obstruction that set her recovery back several weeks, and she was hospitalized for 3+months.

    Throughout all of this, their baby weathered the storm, and they welcomed a beautiful baby girl on July 16th!  Ashley remains hopeful for her future recovery, which is unknown when she will be fully recovered and walking on her own. She continues PT & OT at home, and appreciates everyone’s support through this journey.