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    The Need

    Brian (Bubba) is a reliable, loyal, humble, hardworking, kind and loving man. He is the greatest son, brother, husband, dad & friend that one could ask for. Brian puts others needs before his own without ever thinking twice about it. He leads his life with his heart, never asking for anything in return. Nothing is more important to him than his wife and daughters.

    In June of 2023, Brian was diagnosed with stage 4 squamous cell lung cancer. In order to maintain stability and normalcy at home for his daughters, Brian is trying to live his life as he always has. He is still working to support his family, even though his treatments and health need to be his primary focus. It would mean the world to Brian and his family to be able to spend every day that they can focusing on what it is most important to him: Family.

    Funds raised through this campaign will help support Brian and his family. Please consider a shirt purchase or a donation to his online fundraiser to help.

    The Artist

    David Jamieson, also known as Addverb, is a self-taught artist born and raised in Buffalo, NY. He works as a Stone Fabricator for a local countertop company - Custom Stone of WNY. In his spare time he likes to make hip-hop instrumentals and design graphics / logos.

    Custom Stone of WNY