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    The Need

    Tim Pike has stage 5 complete kidney failure, and faces mounting medical costs. Tim has led a healthy lifestyle, but unfortunately suffered from several bouts of life-threatening pneumonia. The pneumonia led to an extremely rare blood clotting condition to infect his kidneys, lower right lobe of a lung, dvt, strokes, ileus, cataracts, adrenal insufficiency, and several long term ICU intubations. His life depended on a dialysis machine until he was able to receive a transplant from a living donor. Unfortunately, while the procedure did save his life, much of the costs were not covered by insurance. We want to help! Please consider a shirt purchase, or donation to Tim's online fundraiser.

    The Artist

    Carl Cordes is an artist from East Aurora, NY, currently residing in Amherst with his beautiful wife Kara. In addition to artwork, Carl teaches business courses for West Seneca Schools and runs a vintage sports & memorabilia business.

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    The Sponsor

    West-Herr Auto, sponsor

    The West Herr Auto Group is the largest automotive vehicle retailer in New York. West Herr has 30 dealerships, 5 collision centers, and proudly employs over 2,500 Western New Yorkers.