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    The Need

    Early on the morning of September 26th, Jay suffered a traumatic brain injury that required extensive neurosurgery and intubation, consequently leaving him in the ICU for five days. Fortunately, he is now awake and alert. However, he still faces a long road ahead in terms of recovery for his injuries. At present time, he is unable to move his legs and left arm. His doctors believe that with extensive treatment and physical therapy, he may walk again. Jay turned 26 in June of this year, which left him without medical insurance to cover his current hospital stay or any necessary future rehabilitative treatment. Jay's daughter Emilia Grace just turned three in September. He hopes that with treatments and medical care that can restore mobility, he will be able to return to playing and having fun with her as soon as possible. The funds raised from this shirt campaign period will go towards the various expenses associated with helping Jay recover from this traumatic event, and help him return to being the father and friend we’ve all known him to be. Please consider a shirt purchase or donation to his online fundraiser.

    The Artist

    "I think. I design. I create. I'm a graphic designer living in Plainville, MA who has been a graphic designer/manager for the past 16 years working mainly for a large interior signage company serving major clients, as well as running my own t-shirt design business; Warbucks Design." Be sure to follow Stephen on Twitter and Facebook! Here you can find out about all his latest news, t-shirt designs and concepts as soon as they are available: Twitter: @WarbucksDesign or Facebook.com/WarbucksDesign.

    The Sponsor

    Valu Home Centers has been proudly serving the do-it-yourselfer since 1968. With 41 stores and nearly 900 employees in Western and Central New York, and Northwestern Pennsylvania, Valu provides its customers with the perfect alternative to the large, warehouse home improvement stores.