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    The Need

    Dante Fick has an ultra rare neurodegenerative condition known as SPG52. SPG52 is a form of spastic paraplegia caused by a mutation in the AP4S1 gene. Symptoms of the condition include global developmental delay, microcephaly, seizures, malformation of the brain and hypotonia, and later develops into hypertonia (high-muscle tone) and muscle spasticity. The physical symptoms are similar to those of people with cerebral palsy.  Unlike cerebral palsy, spastic paraplegia is a progressive disorder meaning if Dante learns to walk independently, he could lose the ability over time as his muscle spasticity increases. One of only 14 known cases worldwide, this condition needs funding for research and treatment! Sales from this campaign will benefit the SPG52 efforts of Cure AP-4, a non-profit dedicated to finding a cure.

    The Sponsor

    The West Herr Auto Group is the largest automotive vehicle retailer in New York. West Herr has 23 dealerships, 4 collision centers, and proudly employs over 2,000 Western New Yorkers.