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    The Need

    Nick Heilig was born with Spina Bifida. Since 2013 he has been dealing with a pressure ulcer that will not heal. Nick has tried many conventional treatments and has had minimal success. After several operations, Nick is still dealing with this and travels from Buffalo to Rochester for treatment weekly. The medical bills are mounting both from having to pay out of pocket for supplies and for treatments not covered by insurance as well as travel costs.

    Nick was also recently denied for a wheelchair ramp on his home as a second means of egress from OPWDD (Office for Persons With Developmental Disabilities) stating that he already has a lift and a second would not be funded. Should there ever be an emergency and the lift in the garage would malfunction, Nick would be unable to exit his home safely. We want to help!

    The Sponsor

    Founded in 1967, the Town of Tonawanda Police Club represents the 100 officers, detectives, lieutenants, and captains of the Town of Tonawanda Police Department. Serving as both a collective bargaining unit and a police benevolent association, the Town of Tonawanda Police Club's mission statement is as follows: "The Club shall promote and foster the police profession and encourage honesty, courtesy, loyalty, and harmony of police officers to each other and to the public."