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    The Need

    From Chris' sister, Heather: "Chris Henderson is 10 years older than me and I always held him slightly in awe. His room was a treasure trove of goodies - comic books, action figures, records - and he was an artist which just seemed like an otherworldly talent to me. I've always admired him for being willing to live with some uncertainty and sacrifice so he could do his art full-time. It's not a chance that a lot of people would be willing to take. In 2012, Chris had a stroke. It affected the left side of his body, not great for a left-handed artist. It took him a few years to fully recover and rebuild his client base. Last year he was diagnosed with colon cancer which has been a trial from the beginning. His chemo was put off due to intense sickness and bouts of severe dehydration, he's been rushed to the ER and hospitalized 3 times since his diagnosis including twice since starting chemo. Chris has insurance, but he also has no income right now after years of more sporadic income while recovering from his stroke. He still had bills from that and now he has ER bills, hospital bills, and treatment bills piling up on top of them. My dad died suddenly when I was 4. Chris, then 14, basically helped raised me." Please consider a shirt purchase or donation to his online fundraiser.

    The Artist

    Sandra is an avid sports fan and rec league ice hockey player who is a graphic designer and also the founder of Hockey Fights Hate (@hockeyfightsh8), and is happy to help out with a great cause such as 26Shirts!

    The Sponsor

    We are Elizabeth and Amanda and we are so honored to be LuLaRoe Independent Consultants! LuLaRoe is an amazing brand of clothing designed to fit every body type in the most fashionable way possible. LuLaRoe is known best for their amazing prints and their incredibly comfortable styles. We started selling these clothes because we fell in love, not only with the fun prints but also with the confidence it has inspired in so many women! Each person is beautiful in their own way and we truly feel that these clothes emphasizes that in the best way possible! Check out our Facebook group to see some examples of the beautiful and fun inventory we currently carry. Or contact us at lularoeelizabethamanda@gmail.com to ask about hosting a party AND earn free clothes for yourself in the process!