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    The Need

    About 4 years ago, then 5 year old Addison Cannon was not progressing in her speech and began having difficulty with her walking. She ended up needing a walker to help her independently walk, but that did not change her amazing zest for life. As time passed, Addy started to struggle even more physically, and was fitted for a harnessed walker, mustang, because she needed so much support to walk. Now, Addy requires a wheelchair because she cannot walk at all on her own. Even with help, she tires easily and cannot walk long distances. Addison recently underwent her 4th MRI which showed some significant and frightening changes in her brain. The family is waiting for further test results but her MRI, linked with her decline in physicality, have put them in a very scary place. Her actual condition is yet unknow. Please consider a shirt purchase to help! You can learn more at JustForAddy.com.

    The Artist

    "I think. I design. I create. I'm a graphic designer living in Plainville, MA who has been a graphic designer/manager for the past 16 years working mainly for a large interior signage company serving major clients, as well as running my own t-shirt design business; Warbucks Design." Be sure to follow Stephen on Twitter and Facebook! Here you can find out about all his latest news, t-shirt designs and concepts as soon as they are available: Twitter: @WarbucksDesign or Facebook.com/WarbucksDesign.

    The Sponsor

    The Fit Physique, Western New York's choice for children's dance as well as women's fitness and dance instruction, takes pride in "Focusing on the Skills, not the Frills!" Check them out in Kenmore at 2827 Delaware Avenue or online at TheFitPhysique.net.