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    The Need

    "Buffalove" has been a recurring theme in the story of Megan and Vince Hochstatter. Megan was born and raised in Buffalo, while Vince was born in Cheyenne Wyoming... but grew up cheering on the Bills on game days. While they both attended the University of North Dakota for their masters degrees, it was Vince dropping his Buffalo Bills key chain that caught Megan's attention in the first place. What started as dating blossomed into marriage and two beautiful daughters. Olivia (2 years old) and Piper (7 months old) and currently reside in Texas, which is where their story is today.

    Vince and Megan Hochstatter have plans to return to Buffalo to be closer to family while raising their daughters. A life Megan very much appreciated from her own childhood growing up... It's as if Piper knew about her parents' goal to relocate to Buffalo in the near future as her birth weight was 7.16 and she shares a birthday with Mr. Terry Pegula of March 27! This kid was made for Buffalo.

    However, their goal for making it to Buffalo is currently on hold. On August 29th, Piper was diagnosed with stage 3 neuroblastoma. She underwent one round of chemo already with anywhere from three to seven more anticipated based on the size and location of the tumor. Megan and Piper continue to live nearby Cooks Hospital in the Ronald Mc Donald House. Vince and Olivia are at home 2 hours away trying to keep everything going there.

    While Vince and Megan are surrounded by family and friends who are hopeful for the best possible outcome possible, the emotions of it still run high. Megan has been at Piper's bedside since entering the hospital and the time away from work is a financial burden, along with and the medical bills. Please consider a shirt purchase to help!

    The Artist

    Nick Domiano is a graphic designer that has been in the field for over six years. Creativity is at his core, whether he is designing, his photography or hiking in the mountains. Currently, Nick is designing children books full-time.

    Twitter: n_domiano

    The Sponsor

    Perry's Ice Cream, founded in 1918 by H. Morton Perry and headquartered in Western New York, is a family-owned and operated fourth generation ice cream manufacturer. Whether it's celebrating with the team after winning the big game or treating your family to the perfect backyard barbecue—there's always a reason and a season to enjoy Perry's Ice Cream.