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    The Need

    Tryna Barton is undiagnosed which makes it very hard to find the proper treatment. Her health issues are seizure disorder, (on the average she has maybe 20-30 seizures a day), hypertonia, and Long QT Syndrome. Read more about Tryna and her battle at her fundraising GoFundMe page.

    The Artist

    Fraser Davidson is a BAFTA Award Winning director, animator and designer. He is the co-founder of Cub Studio, an animation and motion graphics studio. He is one-third of animation collective Sweet Crude and is founder and Creative Director of Sports Branding Agency Field Theory.

    The Sponsor

    Serving the Western New York area since March 2005, Amherst Pizza & Ale House showcases award-winning pizza and chicken wings on a menu consisting of appetizers, salads, wraps, tacos, burgers, chicken and specialty sandwiches, hot and cold subs, and fish. Pay them a visit at 55 Crosspoint Parkway in Amherst and tell them thanks for supporting 26 Shirts!