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    The Need

    Jordan Linville's journey to fight cancer started January 2013, just before her 11th birthday. She was complaining of pain in her shoulder so her parents took her in. After several hours of tests they told them that she had cancer. Jordan has endured several months of chemo and blood transfusions thereafter and went in for surgery to remove the cancerous mass attached to her lung. When they went in, they found masses covering her whole plural cavity. Jordan was sent to Seattle Children's hospital where she would undergo successful surgery to remove the tumors along her ribs and the lining of her lung.

    Jordan continues to gets scans every three months. After a little over a year of fighting they still don't have a diagnoses of the specific type of cancer. They call it a undifferentiated sarcoma. Jordan is an amazing young lady and has been so brave.

    You can find out more about Jordan at www.jordansfight.org.

    The Artist

    Corey Jeppesen is the owner a thriving web and graphic design studio in Coeur d'Alene, Idaho. In the industry for over 10 years, with a background in branding, design and marketing, Corey has been fortunate enough to have worked on projects for entities such as, NFL HB Marshawn Lynch, NFLN reporter Mike Silver, NFLN report Adam Rank and others.

    Website: www.seejepp.com
    FB: facebook.com/seejepp
    Twitter: twitter.com/seejepp
    Instagram: instagram.com/seejepp