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    The Need

    Lynn Schneider

    In July 2017, Lynn Schneider was diagnosed with stage 4 Hodgkins lymphoma. Being a mother of 2 beautiful daughters Anna (7) and Pippa (4) and the world to her husband Todd, Lynn began a 6 month chemotherapy treatment with high hopes of beating this disease that plagues so many wonderful families. Lynn made remission in January 2018 and began returning to normal life, spending as much time as possible with her family and friends.

    After a follow up visit in April 2018, Lynn and her family were informed that the cancer has returned. With a new treatment plan involving 4 day hospital stays to receive chemotherapy followed by a 4 week bone marrow transplant where she will be isolated from her family and friends, the medical bills and cost of living are are an added burden to this family already dealing with this horrible disease, harsh treatments, and most of all the separation periods for her and family. Please consider a shirt purchase or donation to Lynn's online fundraiser.

    The Artist

    Dylan Nowak

    Dylan Nowak is 22 years old and just graduated college from Villa Maria in Cheektowaga, NY for graphic design. Currently freelancing, Dylan focuses mostly on sports branding and design but loves spending his free time designing T-Shirts and other designs for his hometown of Buffalo, NY. Dylan recently has worked with EA Sports and their NHL game with custom team logos.

    Other work from Dylan:

    The Sponsor

    Buffalo Eye Center

    The Buffalo Eye Center, at 3750 Delaware Ave. in Tonawanda, takes pride in offering trusted eyecare in a relaxed family-friendly environment. Their facility provides a broad range of services that enables them to care for your eyes from start to finish.