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    The Need

    WNYHeroes launched a program called “Pawsitive for Heroes” in 2013.  With this program, we can provide service dogs to Veterans who are in medical need & medically referred through the VA Hospitals. The Veteran he or she must have a military service-connected related disability and provide a medical referral at the time of application.

    Pawsitive for Heroes has also partnered with both county and state correctional facilities around NYS. The dogs reside in each facility with the inmates for 10 mos where most of their training takes place. After their 10 mos, they are then permanently paired with their Veteran handlers. The Veteran and their new service dog will then work with us in our facility and around Western New York (WNY) for another 6-8mos, teaching the Veteran hand signals, voice commands, work on public access, restaurant edicate and more. Receiving a service dog is a big commitment to take on and takes ongoing education and skill.  Please understand, the program as a whole takes 16-18 mos for a properly trained service dog. Our program is a National program and we do receive applications from all over the U.S.