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    The Need

    In October 2022 Jeff was diagnosed with a brain tumor the size of a golf ball above his left upper ear. He had to undergo brain surgery for the tumor where they discovered that it was Lymphoma Cancer.

    He went through 4 months of inpatient chemotherapy at Roswell Park and stem cell therapy for a month in May of 23. Thankfully he was cleared of cancer, but the brain surgery left him with neurological damage to his brain causing right sided paralysis of his right hand, fingers, wrist, knee, and ankle. He's been consistently going through Physical and Occupational Therapy weekly and has shown great improvement over the last year, but he still has weakness, stiffness, hand neuropathy, and dysfunctional movement on his right side.

    The weekly therapy appointments, recurring cancer medical appointments, not being cleared medically to drive, and neurological dysfunction make it very difficult for Jeff to run his business for more than a few days a week. Funds raised through sales of this design will help support Jeff during this time.

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