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    The Need

    Isla Louise Smith was born 12 weeks early at Oishei Children's Hospital in Buffalo on February 11th, 2022. She was 1lb 13oz. Isla had to have a feeding tube placed during her stay as she wouldn't eat. (Isla has not been able to eat her whole life so far and receives her daily nutrition through the G-J Tube implanted in her abdomen through a machine.)

    Isla was in the NICU at Oishei for 99 days before she was able to be discharged. Unfortunately soon after, her medical issues worsened. Her family learned Isla has severe Osteopenia as well as Rickets when she started having unexplained leg fractures. Furthermore she started to have seizures and after having a brain MRI it was found she has hypoxic brain injury due to prematurity.

    Due to all her medical issues, Isla has had multiple appointments every week. She's had stints of hospital stays and several emergency visits as well. In spite of dealing with a lifetime of medical issues; Isla is the bravest, sassiest, happiest, and most perfect little girl.

    It has financially impacted her family as they lost an income as Islas’ mom doesn’t work in order to be her caregiver. Money raised through sales of this design will go towards a vehicle that will be more suited for a disabled child as well as any more services and/or equipment she would require. 

    The Sponsor

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