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    The Need

    Christine Gust is a 6th grade teacher at Frontier Middle School. Prior to that she was a 4th grade teacher at Cloverbank Elementary School.  She has a deep love seeing her students blossom and learn throughout the school year.  Most of all she has a love for her own three children.  Christine is a single mother to 3 children, 2 sons and a daughter, who just so happened to be blessed with an extra chromosome and has Down Syndrome.  She has dedicated her life to raising her children and teaching them all she knows.

    In May 2022 she was in for the biggest challenge of her life.  It all began when Christine’s 6 lb puppy jumped on her and she doubled over in pain.  She immediately knew that there was something wrong.  After a major surgery in July she received devastating pathology results showing a very aggressive form of ovarian cancer and a high grade serous papillary carcinoma, Stage 2A.  After a mammogram, cancer was detected in 2 of her lymph nodes, causing her Stage 2 to jump to Stage 4. This form can move through stages in weeks, not months.

    Christine has completed her chemotherapy and is in remission and cancer free.  She recently was tested for the BRAC 2 gene which makes it more than a 95% chance to develop breast cancer.  She just went through another major surgery to help protect her in the future from returning cancer.

    Christine has been out of work this entire school year and will continue to be out for the remainder of the year. Christine has support from family and loved ones, but continues to raise three children. Any donations made through the purchase of a shirt will help support Christine and her children through her battle with cancer.

    The Sponsor

    West-Herr Auto, sponsor

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