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    The Need

    From Bella's mother, Nichole: "Bella was born and raised here in Buffalo, New York, attending Hebert Hoover Elementary in Tonawanda. Shortly after moving to Texas to be closer to family, Bella started to get headaches and vision loss along with morning sickness every day. On October 20th 2021, what we thought would just be a normal doctor’s appointment at Texas Children’s turned into emergency brain surgery. Bella had a tumor in the middle of her brain that was causing spinal fluid to build up and extreme pressure. They needed to relieve the pressure and do a biopsy on the tumor to see what we were dealing with.

    On October 27th 2021, we got the worst news any parent could ever imagine. Four words that changed our lives forever: Your daughter has Cancer. Stage 4 Brain Cancer called Pineoblastoma. A very rare and very aggressive Cancer. Less than 1% of children are diagnosed a year. My immediate thought was St. Jude and 3 days later they were flying us up to Memphis to start a very aggressive treatment plan. Bella would receive 2 rounds of chemo, brain surgery to remove the tumor, followed by 30 rounds of radiation, then another 4 rounds of chemo. Shortly after Bella’s 11th birthday she had an 8 hour long surgery to remove the tumor. It was a success, but came with many complications.

    Soon, Bella will start her last step of treatment which is 4 rounds of chemo. These next couple of months are probably gonna be the toughest on her as the chemo Bella will be receiving is very aggressive and will cause many side effects. Bella has had many complications since starting treatment, but has been so strong and brave during the whole process. She is the definition of a Warrior. We are very hopeful that Bella will ring that bell in the near future and come back home and live a long happy life. We still have a long road ahead of us, but we have complete faith in God that Bella will beat this and be an inspiration to many people to come."

    Please consider a shirt purchase or donation to Bella's online fundraiser.

    The Sponsor

    West-Herr Auto, sponsor

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