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    The Need

    Dylan Smith has been diagnosed with Ewing sarcoma.  An approximately 31-week chemo treatment plan started November 1st, with the possibility of radiation in between.

    In September, Dylan started complaining of his left hamstring bothering him, initially thought to be a sprain from sports, even though he could not remember hurting it. Over the next couple of weeks his leg got worse. He was in so much pain constantly that it would bring him to tears. On top of this, he had lost his appetite, had extreme fatigue, headaches, and stomach pain. After seeking help from his primary care physician he had a blood test. This came back with no clear explanation but did raise a red flag that something was not right. His PCP ordered a CT of his abdomen to start in hopes it would give us some answers.

    On the scan the radiologist noticed a lesion on his ilium (mass on his pelvic bone basically). This is usually a sign of cancer. Dylan was taken to Golisano's Children's Hospital and they started testing and treatment right away.

    Please consider a shirt purchase or donation to Dylan's online fundraiser to support the family with medical expenses, gas and parking for treatments, groceries and other miscellaneous expenses.

    The Artist

    Carl Cordes is an artist from East Aurora, NY, currently residing in Amherst with his beautiful wife Kara. In addition to artwork, Carl teaches business courses for West Seneca Schools and runs a vintage sports & memorabilia business.

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    The Sponsor

    West-Herr Auto, sponsor

    The West Herr Auto Group is the largest automotive vehicle retailer in New York. West Herr has 30 dealerships, 5 collision centers, and proudly employs over 2,500 Western New Yorkers.