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    The Need

    Heather Whalen was the youngest daughter of Fred and Zeta Whalen (residents of Newfane) and little sister to Connor and Sabrina.  Unselfishly, Heather always put the needs of others above her own, and had a love and joy for all music, especially if it praised God.

    In January, just six days after her 13th birthday, Heather was diagnosed with an angiosarcoma of the pelvis, which is an extremely rare, high grade, aggressive soft tissue cancer.  Heather underwent treatments at Roswell Park as well as Oishei Children's Hospital, here in Buffalo, New York, traveling almost daily for months on end from Newfane.

    During her ten months of treatment and battles, Heather continued her unwavering need to put others before herself, including family as well as patients and staff she would meet at both facilities, saying that God already had a plan for her, so she could use her time to help others.  Her courage, love and steadfast faith brought joy, hope and happiness to everyone she met along the way!

    Sadly, Heather passed away on October 19th. This fundraiser campaign will support the Whalens as they navigate the remaining medical bills and service costs that were accrued over the past year.

    The Sponsor

    West-Herr Auto, sponsor

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