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    The Need


    On 9/5/22 Reese was welcomed into the world after a normal, healthy pregnancy and delivery. It wasn't long after being home that the family quickly realized something was quite right. 

    Reese had been making concerning noises while sleeping and appeared to be struggling to even stay asleep. She developed a cough at about a week old that continuously worsened in strength and frequency for over a month. After numerous visits to the pediatrician Reese was sent to the ER and admitted to the hospital for the 1st time at 6 weeks old.

    Over the next few months Reese continued to make hospital visits, one of which was for RSV where she went into respiratory failure and was intubated in the PICU for 14 days. Reese has spent a total of 81 days in the hospital struggling to find a diagnosis. 

    Reese has recently been diagnosed with extremely severe obstructive apnea, laryngomalacia, a completely collapsed palate and now enlarged adenoids. Doctors are able to manage and observe her symptoms at home using high flow oxygen and a pulse ox monitor whenever she is sleeping. 

    The family is hopeful as she grows, develops and strengthens these things may self-resolve, but the truth is her medical future remains unknown with many unanswered questions. Funds raised through this campaign will help support Reese's medical costs.