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    The Need

    Kristie is 9 years old and was diagnosed with ALL leukemia December 2, 2015 after a sudden flu-like episode. Prior to her sudden onset of symptoms, Kristie seemed fine. She loves school and learning. During the more intense phases of chemotherapy she lost all of her hair and refused a wig, stating: "this is me, and I want to be brave for all little girls, no wig." She describes herself as a "girly girl" and likes fashion and draws up designs for clothing. She has a little sister named Kathleen (6). Although they endure the typical sibling rivalry, they are quite close. Today, Kristie's hair is coming in slowly but surely. She is a little more than a third of the way through her chemotherapy treatment (3 years). This journey has been very stressful and arduous. Please consider a shirt purchase to help!