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    The Need

    Jase Coker was born on October 17th, 2014. At about two months old, Jase started having symptoms including high fevers, rashes, seizures, tremors, migraines, respiratory issues, and others. His parents have been to countless doctors, specialists, hospitals, EEGs, CT Scans, blood work and lab tests to no avail. The doctors - so far, over the course of 3+ years - have been unable to diagnose Jase. As a result of these visits and his health issues and condition, Jase's mother, Sarah, had to leave her job and stay with him full time, leaving the sole provider to be his dad, Jon. The travel costs, medical expenses associated with medicine, doctors visits, hospital stays, along with everyday bills has taken a toll on the family, including Jase's 6 year old sister and 12 year old brother. Please consider a shirt purchase or donation to Jase's online fundraiser.