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    The Need

    For more than 40 years, The Belle Center, a multilingual and multicultural community center on the West Side of Buffalo, has served the neighborhood. Like so many nonprofits, The Belle Center is now facing the added challenge of the COVID-19 pandemic. A need for their food pantry has seen a 200% increase. They're providing childcare for children of essential workers. Many neighborhood families have no internet connection. As a result, they're now supporting 85 schoolchildren with a Wi-Fi connection and guidance during virtual learning. The Belle Center has seen a lot of change. Through this campaign, help them address even more. 

    The Artist

    John Savage is the artist behind @pixelnfl. His aim is for football fans to spend a few happy minutes scrolling through his art, smiling as they identify football moments from a handful of colorful squares. He’s from the UK, and can usually be found scratching his head at why he still finds drawing helmets so difficult.

    Twitter: twitter.com/pixelnfl
    Instagram: Instagram.com/pixelnfl