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    The Need

    Maura Beres was born with cerebral palsy as a result of a brain injury during birth. Doctors told her parents she might never walk, talk or have normal intellectual development. Maura put up with surgeries and years of physical therapy to defy the odds. By the time she was a teen, most people didn't even know that she had cp. But it was always a guarantee that her condition would start to deteriorate by middle age.

    After earning a masters degree in social work, she dedicated herself to helping at-risk youth and addictions rehabilitation. A few years ago Maura was forced to give up her career due to the onset of several chronic health problems. Those problems include a rare diabetes that causes her body to attack her pancreas, and a rare autoimmune form of arthritis that causes her immune system to attack and destroy the connective tissues in her joints.

    Maura is now on Medicare, and her family is experiencing huge medical bills. Funds raised during this campaign will help pay for those medical bills. 

    The Sponsor

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