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    The Need

    The Andre Reed Foundation was established in 2010 by retired NFL great Andre Reed to help underprivileged children reach their full potential and become responsible contributors to their communities.

    The Artist

    We started out with a vision
    To have the ability to design things that will bring others together
    Making our products unique but affordable
    To be able to showcase our unique designs, while keeping a Buffalo, NY theme to them.

    You can also find us on social media.
    Facebook: facebook.com/queencitycrafts716
    Instagram: queencitycrafts

    You can shop our products at

    The Sponsor

    BankOnBuffalo is a division of CNB Bank and is being developed locally by the people and business leaders of Buffalo, NY.  Designed specifically for small to medium size businesses, their owners and employees, BankOnBuffalo provides local decision-making and the personalized customer service of a community bank and is committed to growth in the Buffalo market.