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    The Need

    In Fall of 2021 Lauren discovered she has a rare, rapidly growing form of breast cancer (Triple Negative). It is also Inflammatory. Living through being diagnosed with cancer is a long, unpredictable, and bumpy road, although the focal point is clear for Lauren: achieving the status of SURVIVORSHIP! 

    She has undergone 16 chemotherapy treatments with debilitating side effects including four Doxorubicin/Adriamycin (aka Red Devil). These infusions resulted in several days of hospitalization twice. She needed to regain her strength as she was septic, battling pneumonia, and required blood transfusions. Acute skin reactions left her unable to walk for days. 

    She had a double mastectomy on June 7th and is still recovering and trying to regain her range of motion. 30 rounds of radiation are up next followed by a chemo pill she will need to take. Due to her type of cancer, reconstruction is not even a possibility at this point. She will need to complete all other treatments first.  

    Though Lauren and her family have health insurance, there are many expenses with this diagnosis that are out of pocket. Additionally, her income has now been diminished due to being out of work on disability. The stress of financial uncertainty coupled with an undetermined return to work date and the possibility of multiple surgeries are weighing heavily. 

    The Artist

    Carl Cordes is an artist from East Aurora, NY, currently residing in Amherst with his beautiful wife Kara. In addition to artwork, Carl teaches business courses for West Seneca Schools and runs a vintage sports & memorabilia business.

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