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    The Need

    Hannah Koepsell is a 12 year old girl who just finished 6th grade at North Tonawanda Intermediate. On June 24th 2022 Hannah was diagnosed with very high risk Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia B Cell. She went into remission in September 2022 but Leukemia is a 2 year treatment plan. Treatment will continue until Oct 2024.

    In July of 2022 she called herself "Hannah Strong" and has fought this battle head on. She continues the fight with a positive attitude. She is a tough, strong fighter. She is a warrior. She wants to help other children in similar situations. She has a big heart and loves to help others.

    Hannah has a love for the Buffalo Bandits and Buffalo Bills. Hannah is involved in cheerleading and softball.  She continues to participate in both to the best of her ability and encourages her teammates to always do their best and try their hardest. Money raised from this campaign will go toward Hannah's medical bills.