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    The Need

    On January 18th 2023, Jeanette and William Whitmore's house in Wilson caught fire, injuring William, and their 5 year old son Wesley. William discovered the fire and carried young Wesley to safety, but not before they both received serious burns.

    Wesley suffered 3rd degree burns to his face and hands and was admitted to Galisano Children’s Hospital in Rochester, New York. He was treated over 33 days for his burns and underwent several surgeries to his face and hands. He was released after his final surgery in February 2023. While he is still in the recovery process, he is now back to school with all of his friends at Wilson Elementary School.

    His father William was transported and admitted to Erie County Medical Center, burn unit as he suffered from burns to his hands and face and also smoke inhalation. William was in an induced coma for nearly 35 days while he was being treated for pneumonia and other related smoke and heat injuries to his airway. At this time William is back to work on light duty as he is still recovering. 

    Funds raised through this campaign will help support the Whitmore family with their medical expenses and rebuilding their home. Please consider a shirt purchase, or a donation to their online fundraiser.