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    The Need

    On September 16th 2016, Redd suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury. She was treated for a period of two months and dismissed from her Neurologist after no other symptoms. In February 2017, while on a vacation, Redd had a severe Tonic Clonic seizure in her sleep and was rushed to the hospital. The Doctor’s ran a battery of tests and Redd was discharged. She was given a copy of all records and directed to see her family Doctor, upon her return home. When Redd returned home she saw numerous physicians and specialists. During this time of testing the seizures became more frequent. Redd was ordered to not work or drive. After medications had failed and multiple stays in the hospital, falls and broken bones later, the only viable option is to undergo 2 brain surgeries.

    During the time of being unable to work, Redd has depleted her savings and her widow’s benefits have ended. Redd’s surgery is scheduled for September 8th and the second to follow in November. She is desperately trying to catch up her mortgage and other bills to insure a home to come home to when she is discharged from the hospital.

    Redd has a positive outlook knowing the surgeries will increase her quality of life. Redd has supported others and is relying on the help of others to help her move forward to her fresh start in life.

    The Artist

    lunchboxbrain is the creative identity of Andrew Gregory, a creative professional and lifelong football fan living in Upstate NY. He's a true blue Giants fan but has always had a spot in his Upstate heart for the Bills. You can view more of his work at lunchboxbrain.com and follow @lunchboxbrain on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram.