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    The Need

    In 2020, Glenn McClenathan's pain started every time he would eat. After trying several natural remedies, he saw his doctor. At the time it was decided he had acid reflux, but after months of over-the-counter medications the pain only got worse. By the end of 2021 he was in such severe pain he finally went to the ER. The ER doctor recommended Glenn to have an MRI which revealed a 3.5-inch tumor in the flap of his pancreases.

    After a biopsy was inconclusive, they decided wait 6 months and do it again, but the pain was unbearable. Only two weeks later, Glenn woke up yellow as the tumor had gotten so large it blocked his bifocal duct. After going to a different hospital, the head of GI from Anshutz in Denver who was visiting decided that action needed to be taken. Glenn started Chemo therapy a month later to reduce the tumor to prepare for surgery. 

    On June 9th, 2022 he underwent the surgery for 7.5 hours. They removed the cancer, taking 70% of his pancreases, all of his gall bladder, and a couple of feet of intestines, followed by 8 more rounds of Chemo. He had to take off 3 months of unpaid medical leave to recover from the surgery, and during chemo he was missing 3 days of work every 2 weeks, emptying his savings account.

    Glenn is now learning to live the new normal, but he is being crushed by credit card and medical debt. Funds raised through this campaign will help support Glenn during this time.