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    The Need

    The Family Help Center is a “home away from home” for many children and parents. The Center offers a comfortable and nurturing environment for group interaction, child care programming, parent training sessions, family socials and a variety of other functions. We are dedicated to the prevention and interruption of child abuse and neglect in all of its forms — physical, emotional and sexual. Because the maltreatment of children transcends class, gender, race, ethnic and religious backgrounds, there are no eligibility requirements. To ensure the safety of every child, families are never charged a fee for any service we provide, with the exception of our Childcare Center.

    The Artist

    Tommy Creenan, artist

    Tommy always loved to draw and create things, but never imagined he would ever be able to use his creative talents professionally. Luckily, his 17 year-old self was dead wrong. He went on to earn a degree in Digital Media Arts from Canisius College.

    Website: TommyCreenan.com
    E-mail: tommycreenan@gmail.com