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    The Need

    Tracy was diagnosed with breast cancer in November 2018. She underwent surgery and began her road to recovery. In the course of a regular check-up in May 2022, it was discovered that the cancer had returned – an aggressive form of cancer which has now made its way into her spinal fluid and beyond.

    The cancer has sidelined this dedicated mother of 2, who has always given generously of her time and talents. Tracy has worked for NYSIF for several years, in addition to volunteering with Wild Kritters of Niagara County, as her true passion has always been fostering and caring for animals.

    Tracy’s medical expenses are piling up, and she has been unable to work due to her terminal illness. Please consider a shirt purchase to help support Tracy.

    The Artist

    Garret Wolowski has always had a traditional, passionate, and creative personality.

    Beginning at a young age with crayons and colored pencils to recreate sports logos and cartoon characters, his artistic path has led him to graduate from Villa Maria College with a Bachelors Degree in Graphic Design.

    Garret Wolowski considers his specialty to be layout design, with an avid interest in sports logos and uniforms.