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    The Need

    Chris was diagnosed with esophageal cancer on March 10, 2022.  He battled all spring and summer...surgeries, procedures and all that comes with it.  After a chemotherapy clinical trial and then an additional 6 rounds of both radiation and chemotherapy, the family felt that they were on the winning side. In September, they found out that the cancer had spread to his abdomen and he was admitted to the hospital that same weekend for complications.  He was never able to leave the hospital as one problem after another arose.  He was in the hospital for more than 50 days. His wife Sandie drove in every single day from Bennington to see him. She had to take off from work, and their expenses kept mounting.  On October 23, he passed away, leaving behind his wife and two children. He was simply an amazing husband and father.

    Please consider a shirt purchase or donation to the family's online fundraiser.

    The Sponsor

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