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    The Need

    July 13th, Adam Kreutinger unexpectedly experienced his first seizure while playing volleyball with his colleagues. He was rushed to the hospital, where a mass in his brain was detected during a CT scan. The news came as a shock to him and his family. So the doctors performed a biopsy to find out more. Two weeks before his daughter's 3rd birthday, Adam was diagnosed with stage 3 brain cancer.

    He's a dad that goes to every soccer game and dance recital. He doesn't miss a minute of his family's lives. He is a father, husband, uncle, artist, teacher of 10 years, puppeteer, YouTuber, and writer. His friends, family and community know him as charismatic, extremely creative, kind, caring, and for always going above and beyond in everything he does.

    Please consider a shirt purchase or donation to Adam's online fundraiser.

    The Artist


    Carl Cordes is an artist from East Aurora, NY, currently residing in Amherst with his beautiful wife Kara. In addition to artwork, Carl teaches business courses for West Seneca Schools and runs a vintage sports & memorabilia business.

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    The Sponsor

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