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    The Need

    In 2011, at the age of 20, Joe Kasper was diagnosed with stage 3 Astrocytoma (brain cancer).  After a six hour surgery removing a tumor the size of a small lemon, he endured 37 days of radiation and chemotherapy. The cancer was in remission for three years before aggressively returning. He has since had four additional craniotomies, numerous rounds of chemotherapy and gamma knife radiation. During that decade, he continued to work full time even during treatment. 

    Unfortunately, in April of 2022, only a day after his first wedding anniversary, Joe suffered a brain hemorrhage that left him unable to return to work. Upon review of the MRI after the hemorrhage, he was told that the tumor had returned, this time inoperable.  Due to the tumor’s location and since the hemorrhage, Joe’s function has begun to decline. He is in the process of applying for disability, however they have been told it is a lengthy process and can take a long time for approval, leaving the family with his wife as the sole provider.

    Joe and his wife Megan are raising two little boys, and trying to stay on top of day-to-day bills, mortgage, etc.  In addition, they now have the responsibility of the full health insurance premium to ensure that Joe can continue to receive the medical care that he needs.  Joe has always been such a positive, hardworking and strong man. He is a loving husband, stepfather, son, brother and friend. He has a difficult road ahead of him, but is truly appreciative of the love, prayers and support of our great community.

    Please consider a shirt purchase or donation to Joe's online fundraiser.

    The Artist

    Avery Slezak is an illustrator and graphic designer currently studying at Pratt Institute in Brooklyn. She is really excited to help others with her art! You can see more of her work on Instagram @_artvery_ and online at https://averyslezak.com